What's Happening At Simpson


to park in our church parking
lot (E. 26th & Capitol) during the Iowa State Fair, August 10-20, 2017 for a nominal fee of $5.00.  You may also have a bottle of cold water to take with you!

Simpson’s to

Proceeds will go to community projects such as Willard School. 


Simpson Church sponsors Iowa's largest indoor Flea Market in the 4-H Bldg. at the Iowa State Fairgrounds 10 months out of the year.  Dates are listed below. 
If you are interested in renting a space, please contact Dave Sigmund
at 515-210-5224.
Sept. 9 & 10; October 7 & 8; November 4 & 5; Dec. 2 & 3
Come and shop - admission and parking are free.
Our Quilting Group has made and delivered 12 tied quilts to New Direction Shelter so far this year.  However, we have started working on fleece hearts to be taken to the neonatal Unit at one of our hospitals.  When holding their tiny ones, new mothers place the hearts right over their own heart for the baby to lay their heads on.  Then when Mom has to leave the fleece hearts are put in the bed with baby so they always have the comfort of mom's scent.